Is it weird that i'm jealous that other races are starting to like black girls?

I like seeing that black women's features are starting to be more loved and accepted. I want my future daughter to be happy with herself, but I feel like if other races of men start liking black women then black women will stop liking us.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Black guys piss me off with this shit after they've been dating so many other races for so so many years.
    I'm mixed myself, with black dad, so don't hate the mixing, and I only really date black guys, so it's not that either. It just pisses me off that black guys say this shit, especially after so many would always say black women were just jealous and bitter when they said anything about it! Get over it. Black guys have done it since forever ago, black women can date who they want.

    • Most black men love black women. I've never dated anything other than a black woman, not even a mixed woman.

    • I look more black than mixed, so on more than one occasion guys have said this to me (like i should be flattered) and tried to back track when I said I'm mixed "white girls for head, mixed girls for sex, black girls to wifey" wtf... So the black girl should just sit down waiting while he's running round with anything and everything and acting like a hoe? Ridiculous. And then when guys can tell I'm mixed, all they want to compliment me on is being mixed. Disgusting.
      And either way, majority of mixed kids since before mixed kids were so common have a black dad, it's literally the most common on.. That's because black guys date outside their race so often.
      This isn't all black guys, it's a certain... type, I've noticed. But still, black guys aren't complaining about them, so don't complain about the women.

Most Helpful Guy

  • At your age it's not uncommon. I've heard and seen many people get mad over similar things


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What Girls Said 2

  • You have to have good enough self esteem to not think a woman will only want you if no one else does. That's not true.

  • I'd say it's understandable. But black men also date non-black women and I see nothing wrong with that. So, if a black woman is dating a non-black man, that shouldn't be a problem.
    And there's black women who date black men.


What Guys Said 1

  • Why should black girls only like you by lack of attention from others?
    'Black' is only a skin color but also sociological creation to divide people.

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