Girls, Could Any of you Take Down a Guy with One Hit?

Assuming the guy is your age, and you had one opportunity to hit him any place and any way you want.


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  • Maybe...

    • Care to explain how?

    • Haha well I'd just like to think I could lol I've practiced a little bit of MMA with my brother, not much though

  • If I was pissed off enough I think a punch to the face and he would be on the ground

    • That must be a heck of a punch! You really think that by itself could do it?

    • Want to piss me off and see?

    • lol I'm just saying! I don't think anything short of a nut-shot could take down a guy in one hit.

  • Probably if I hit him in the bollocks. But, in case it needs saying, I wouldn't.

    • You think that one hit would do it?

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    • lol ok, but how do you know that? Did you hit a guy there once?

    • No I just think logically considering all the nerve endings there, the fact guys often feel sick to their stomach after getting hit there, etc.; most guys'd probably be indisposed for a minute from that

      Tell a lie actually - I hit my brother there once by accident playfighting, but not hard