Can someone please explain this double standard?

This is something that bothers me. I'm watching this show Lucifer (fun show btw-does a good job of making fun of itself) and I read a review by the New York Times claiming the show is sexist because one of the main female characters is a stereotype (because she was in an adult film) and female characters are shown having sex with men. That's what the review says anyways.
I get how someone could see it that way- could think she's a stereotype. But here's the thing- Lucifer is hardly a flattering portrayal of a man. He's good looking and has charm, but he's also a complete sociopath that wants to have sex with anything he sees, not to mention highly immature. In short, he's the stereotypical man.
Why is it OK and tolerated to have a stereotypical man in a show, but not a stereotypical woman. Dramas and comedies are so overdone anyways- the characters are always more extreme then real people are.
So many movies have a hot female lead who depends on the guy but also has emotional intelligence and smarts, and a really stupid beefcake who can fight but can't do much else and doesn't understand emotions. I don't hear guys complaining about being stereotyped.
There are equality issues in society. That can't be argued. But looking for sexism in TV shows and having these double standards doesn't progress women's rights. I'm all for women having equal rights, but this is just getting ridiculous.
I'm sure I'll be seen as the devil by some people just for writing this comment. That, and because my picture shows a smiling apple being cut with a knife.
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There are other double standards as well, but I decided to only focus on this one
This isn't a troll by the way. I'm dead serious.


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  • it's a double standard, it think it's mostly because some ladies have what i call the special snowflake syndrome- being their own unique, original never done before thing. that makes them special. and then they push that idea on everything. and then some men don't care, because they see those traits in the guys around them so they see it as close enough most of the time


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  • Nope

  • I have no opinion about this, and all your text is hard to read on this iPad.

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