What can I do about my cat?

So I have an 11 year old cat who I love to death. I got her about three years ago. The only issue is, she pees everywhere. Nothing is wrong with her, I've taken her to the vet for it several times. And she knows she's bad. She'll look at me while she's peeing, hiss and run. I keep her litter box clean, I've concluded she's just being a dick. So right now, she gets to live in the tile bathroom when nobody is home. Which I feel really bad about. So short of putting her in diapers, how can I stop this whole letting her live in the house, not the bathroom?


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  • Put it in a nice kebab!


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  • I just want to Ask... Are there OTHER cats she may have to share this box with, @Drooogie4 ?
    Many times, a cat in the hat will Not Care to Share their box with any Another cat and Begin to "Make doo doo" and Make Do with Other "Bathroom spots."
    Perhaps as well, she is doing this out of revenge and to get your goat and just having a Hissy Pissy fit that With 'Hiss and Run,' you can tell she is no Fun.
    However, being Old now, and has Marked her Territory, it may be a Toughie in Getting her to Stop.. Using those Spots.
    Try and Reprimand her and if you don't want to make her an Outdoor Cat, it looks like you will have to put all sorts of puppy pads down even, till death do you both part.
    I had a cat once who would pee all over the blankets on the bed because she was mad that I had other cats that she had to be with and could not be an Only Child. Sadly, I ended up giving her away.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you so much, sweetie, for this Vote of Cat Confidence, and I am quite Confident you may have Hopefully Licked the problem Kitty with no Pity. xxoo

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  • What you really need to do is deep clean everything, which may result in tearing up some carpeting. Because even if there isn't something currently wrong with her now, there may have been at some point that made her start pissing places other than the litter box.

    But since she can now smell her pee in those locations, she's drawn to them as spots where she should and can urinate. Until you get rid of the odor, which is a big project in and of its own, you're most likely going to be dealing with this.

    That is THE biggest step towards fixing this behavioral issue.

  • Maybe she just needs to be trained? I've have to break my cat of bad habits as she acquired them throughout the years. Usually a spritz of water from the bottle whenever she repeated the bad thing, and she slowly stopped. I always felt SO bad, bc I know she hates water, but it broke the habit. Try some things out with your cat.

  • training?
    Cats are always more susceptible to repeat behavior with rewards... so i guess try to put her in the litterbox, and give a reward each time she uses it.
    If she doesn't, cats hate water x)