Germans I have questions for you? going back to school in germany?

i left school at 16 , and redid class 9 at 19 , so i would have to make class 10/11/12 and then arbitur (equivalent for the highschool diploma ! which take takes around 3 years.

is there any other options or ways?
plzzzzzzzzz help me



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  • I think that in order to get an Abitur, you would have to be in Gymnasium and finish the 12/13 years of school. I believe this to be the only way in Germany to get an Abitur. However I'm not German and I have been here for less than 5 months so I might be wrong.

    Anyway, I'm tagging a few users who might give you more information.


    Andddd maybe @bluecoyte (yes I know that Switzerland in not Germany lol)


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  • @TheLuckyOne1 thanks for calling me :D

    Ich antworte mal einfach auf deutsch. Also wenn du dein Abitur machen möchtest, dann musst du entweder ein Gymnasium oder eine Gesamtschule besuchen. Allerdings gibt es in Gesamtschulen noch die 13. Klasse.

    Falls dir das Fachabitur reicht, kannst du auch ein Berufskolleg besuchen. Geht allerdings auch bis zur 12. Klasse, ist aber dementsprechend einfacher.
    ODER du besuchst ein Gymnasium und machst nach der 11. Klasse ein FSJ (einjährig). Dann hast du auch dein Fachabi, womit du an FHs studieren kannst und an manchen Unis, falls du praktische Erfahrungen hast.

    Was willst du denn überhaupt machen? Wenn du studieren willst, dann mach lieber dein Abi. Wenn du eine Ausbildung machen möchtest, dann reicht in den meisten Fällen das Fachabi aus.

    Viel Glück :) Die harte Arbeit lohnt sich!

    • Haha gerne. Du bist immer in meinem Kopf, wenn es zu den richtigen Informationen, über die ich wissen möchte, kommt :p

    • @theluckyone1 aw! Wenigstens etwas, wozu ich nützlich bin 😅

      @Asker: Oh, hab gerade gesehen, dass du schon älter als 19 bist.. oder? Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob du dann noch ein Gymnasium besuchen kannst. Aber beim Berufskolleg bzw. Abendschule wäre das kein Problem.

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  • Like @TheLuckyOne1 said (thanks for tagging by the way :-)), I'm from Switzerland and thus no expert on Germany's education system. However, our countries do have some similarities and one option I thought of and quickly looked up is the Gymnasium for adults. In Switzerland, this is a nationally organized public school, so it's pretty much the same wherever you attend it. The way it looks to me, this is not the case in Germany. It seems to me like it is different from Bundesland to Bundesland. Not every part of the country might have one of these institutions but if you live in a big city, chances are there's probably something like that. Here I found the Hannover Kolleg (Gymnasium für Erwachsene):
    There might be similar schools in other regions.
    If you want to attend a university in Germany, you have to either attend and finish this or a normal Gymnasium as far as I know.
    But of course Germany also offers other things except from the academic path. You can also do a vocational training/apprenticeship. Germany, Switzerland and Austria are exceptional is this because apprenticeships are generally considered a good education too here (contrary to other countries). If you want to do an apprenticeship or a vocational training, you only need 9 or 10 years of school (Gymnasium or Realschule are ideal but Hauptschule also works). Unfortunately, that's all I can really tell you. If you need professional assistance, I would visit a career counselor in Germany. I'm sure this kind of person could tell you all the details and answer your questions.

  • @TheLuckyOne1 thanks for tagging me.

    so which graduation do you have?

    if you happen to have a "realschulabschluss" + "ausbildung", it´s easy. you can just go to a facility called "kolleg" which allowes you to do the standard "abitur". here it says what you need to apply to that schoolform.

    if you only have an "hauptschulabschlus" you can do a "ausbildung" pretty much anywhere. most of them allow you to upgrade your graduation from "hauptschulabschluss" to "realschulabschluss" and from that on you can go to the "kolleg"

    if you have nothing at all, i don´t know but there are probably official places where you can get advice from it´s not too hard in germany toget advice.

    • oh i just read you just have to do the "vorkurs" if you have an "hauptschulabschluss" or comparable graduation.
      i personally have taken the "vorkurs" even though i had the realschulabschluss + ausbildung. it only takes 3 years to get the "abitur".

      if you are german citizen, you may plead for "BaFöG" this willprovide you money for living in that time. it even pays for your rent and most "kollegs" provide housing pretty close to the school (in my case the housing was on the same property even). the good thing about it is: you don´t even have to pay it back :D

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  • What about americans?

    • im in germany
      its different here

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