Do you agree the biggest scumbags are in the "morning" jobs and not in the "night" jobs?

Seriously I know some people who think those who do "morning" jobs are saints and those who do "night" jobs are criminals... oh Lord I wish I could pound their heads wid a hammer... haha...

Well I believe wot I believe since those morning scumbags r usually hidden under a "good face"... and dat makes 'em twice a scumbag u know... night scumbags r more straightforward and I always respect dat...

Hahaha let's see wot do u believe u people here... although I've got a feeling "no" will receive many votes... way too many prudes here... hehe...

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  • I don't think it makes any difference


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  • I agree, man, I really hate morning jobs :P

    • Thanks for the MHO :)

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  • Regardless of yr take on this question, it is ABSOLUTELY UNDENIABLE that morning people harbor a weirdly deep, consistent and visceral mistrust -- even hate -- for night people, and that feeling isn't returned by the night people at all. Not even sort of.

    I mean, it's SO strong. It trumps EVERYTHING.

    I swear.

    If you had a morning person who was also anti-Semitic, homophobic, and hated black people, and he was hiring for a job, and had to choose between (1) a gay black Jew who woke up at 6AM and (2) a straight white Protestant who woke up at 1PM... he'd hire #1 every time. Every time.

    No idea why it runs so deep... but it does. Oh hell yea it does.

    • Wow nice... yeah those hypocritical scumbags hate people who wake up late... they think people who stay up late at night r no good... totally ridiculous... but nice to see an opinion like urs... unfortunately there r many prudes out there...

  • Lol what? A scumbag is a scumbag no matter what time of day they work.


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  • What is this question? Bruh you have no swag...