Does Race/Ethnicity really matter? And should I traveled to other countries?

Hello! :)

So I think my mom has race or Ethnicity issues. She says that Hispanics/Mexicans stealing all the jobs and say that their the reason why nobody can't have jobs and such.
Then she talks about how Mexicans/Hispanics and Chinese people eat dogs and cats and say Mexicans put dog meat in their tacos and Chinese people killing dogs and make it look like you're eating chicken legs.
-.- Yet she ate pig guts.

Then I told her that I want travel to other countries to get to know other cultures and such. But when I do talk about it, she starts saying something on the lines of,
"Why do you want to leave this country? Everyone is coming here so why go to other countries?"
Or something like,
"This country is like the greatest country and you leaving this country means that you don't like it here."

I do like my country, but I'm not going to be like,
"America is the richest and best country in the world!!!"
Because this country does have flaws...

So yeah I just want ask...
Does race/ethnicity really matter?
And should I travel?
Thanks! :)

  • Yes race/ethnicity matter and you shouldn't travel.
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  • No race/ethnicity does not matter and you should travel.
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  • It depends on the situation
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Thank you guys for commenting.
I want to travel because I want to know others cultures, learn other languages, and just explore, you know.

I already know what to do and what not to do in other countries so yeah...


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes you should definitely travel if you have the opportunity!! It is an experience unlike any other especially if you immerse yourself in the culture and not visit only the tourist destinations


Most Helpful Girl

  • First, your mom reminds of those people who never bothers to seek knowledge.

    Second , my says the same thing about people coming here, whereas I wanna leave.

    She says it re education. She means no harm.

    So if that's what your mom means, just finish your education, then propose the idea.

    If it's just vacation, tell her that.

    I understand if she is worried about your safety.

    No race/ethnicity does not matter.

    You can travel around world but safety does matter. before you travel get familiar with the culture and laws of the countries and abide by those/respect.


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  • Honestly? I didn't appreciate how great America is UNTIL I traveled to other countries. And not Turd World poor places either (although I suppose Mexico counts as that). So many Americans just take certain things for granted and don't realize how much mobility--physical and social--and opportunity they have until they travel elsewhere.

    Don't get me wrong, what I saw of Europe and Asia I really enjoyed. But the societies over there are much more stratified.

    So go travel. And encourage your mom to do the same. (Assuming your mom has the time and money to travel and isn't so caught up in making ends meet. And indeed, the bigger constraint to travel is time. Many people are quite affluent, but need to stay on top of their business all the time so they just can't take the time out).

    I'm lost for words...

    Does it matter when it comes to what?


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  • It matters in certain situations and to certain people.
    You should travel and get to know other cultures. It would be good for you. And you will learn a lot, not only about the countries you visit, but also about yourself.
    Don't listen to your mother, she might have her own prejudices, but you don't have to be like her.

  • That is the stupidest crap I've heard.

    Go out and explore the world. I personally think it would be great to go out and experience other cultures to understand them better.

  • I like what i like.

  • it's good to visit other places, you learn about different cultures, and you get to see and experience things in a way you're not used to.