Girls, I was having a normal day and the girl I like was walk out of classroom and her friend was in front of her and taps me on the shoulder an said?

That she points and said that she likes you and its the girl I like and she was in front of me when she said and she heard her freind say it to me. Then the next class i have with her and she was reading a note the I sit down and then look at her she smiles then blocks her face. At the end of the class I tried to talk to but then I she needed space so i said bye then left. The next day i wanted to tell her i like her but i was to nevers to tell her what should i do.


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  • TELL HER!!! Or to be on the safe side get her number!!! Please do it! You wouldn't ewant to regret it. You got nothing to lose but maybe more to gain. If her friend told you that she liked you then it must be true. Trust me on this one. SOmething like this happened to me before

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