Girls, Choose between 2 of the following types of guys?

Okay then... let's say you are in a theatre club with a bunch of people and two kinds of guys became prominant:

Type A: Slightly more talented than Type Bs and tend to take more of the official leadership positions (club treasurer, stage director etc). Due to both of these things they tend to have very high social status within the club. Comes off as snobby at times, does not compromise and is very serious about what they do.

Type B: Slightly less talented than Type As but are still among the top dogs when it comes to acting skill. They don't really have much interest in taking up official leadership positions and are completely comfortable in being a regular actor. They are very relaxed, easygoing, charismatic and always seem to know exactly what to say to make people laugh during times of stress, making them very popular with the people in the club.

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