Do you think this is creepy?

i was able to get my crush's number through her friend and it was a differnt area code so i looked up the area code and found out its a maine area code. is looking up her area code creepy?

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  • No its normal


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  • Well I got my crush's number from her, and I looked up the area code, and it was a different state. That's what made me think she had moved to my state within the year prior to me meeting her.
    Well that, along with a bunch of other things she'd say like "I have no friends" and stuff like that.

    But then, almost a year after I met her, I found out she has a Twitter, a ton of followers, and she must be rather well known in her school. Not some loner.

    • lol were you afraid she was a loner

    • No, for some reason I hope she was a loner. So I could be her best friend!