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I'm they type of girl guys take for granted... I'm always guy's last choice because they would rather go through easy women, be used, abused, and get played before settling for a female like myself... it's sad and funny at the same time... sad because rejection hurts a lot, it makes me feel worthless, it makes me feel like I'm not good enough & it hurts to know that people don't value me or recognize my worth...& it's funny because after they get used abused and played the come crawling to me begging for another chance telling me how they regret hurting me and letting me go that no female is worth it they're all hoes & I'm the only one they know who actually respects herself and respects who she loves... BUT... it's too late... well not too late to apologize, I'm very merciful and forgive wholeheartedly... BUT... I do not give out second chances easily, there is only.01% chance id take someone who has chosen other females over me back...


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  • You are one of the fuel that gave up you self respect and your dignity to someone that didn't deserve it
    On some levels I can understand the pain you have went threw but it is nothing compared to the pain you would have felt being some you are not. trying to rebuild your self worth and your self-esteem could almost be impossible, that's why I applaud you for not giving up who you are
    When I was 19 I found some as special as you and I never let go I was married shortly after she got out of school. The reason I'm telling you this is when you find that special someone hold on right and never let go


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