Do you keep your work and personal life separate?

Long story short..
My coworkers and I had some issues few months back. They didn't understand some of my cultural stuff, and thus thought I was lying about certain things when I wasn't. They just assumed without asking me.
We moved past that, but never got back the friendship we had.
From then on, I made my facebook limited - not allowing them to see my posts - just because I wanted to take an extra precaution and not have them see everything and keep work and personal life separated.
One of them found out today that I blocked them all and just got really upset. The rest understood, saying it makes sense to separate work from personal and that it's my choice. I mean, it's worked so far.

I didn't block some other people who I don't work directly with but only because I never had a problem with them at all. Maybe I should have made it limited for everybody, eh? But I didn't think much of it.
I can see it's upsetting, but at the same time why would I want people who question absolutely everything about me and are out to get me seeing whatsup in my life?
I just want to go to work, not become so close to them, and go home. That's it.
They basically thought I was lying about certain things months back, but they never actually asked me to explain. For example, I can't go out late. My parents are strict. They thought I just didn't want to hang out. Small stuff like that which always has an explanation.

I have no idea what to do now. I'm the kind of person who gives a damn too much.


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  • Nope not really I mean my work doesn't negatively affect my personal life in any way so I don't see a reason to keep them separate, and I live in a small town so I see people from work outside of work quite a bit and I train with them at the gym and stuff so *shurgs*


What Girls Said 2

  • i always keep my personal and professional lives separate.

    it's fine to be friendly with coworkers, but just remember this: if a promotion comes up, and only one of you can have it, your "work friends" will use anything and everything against you (ie: sarah drinks too much and always brags about her one-night stands on facebook).

    (von doesn't check herself in on facebook when at the hospital or post drunken selfies from that wild weekend in cabo.)

    be smart; be like von. :P


    • HAHAHAH! love thattt. And that's EXACTLY why I keep it private. She felt offended I guess.

    • always happy to help~ people try too hard to be offended anyway, which is why i limit what i disclose to my cubemates. ;)

  • i try to, yes. im not really the person who can quickly go into their personal life.

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