I'm Over Senstive , any help?

I cry a lot over silly things , I cry so easily and I did my best to make it stop but I could not
any advice?
please if you have nothing good to say dont say any thing at all


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  • This is what makes you human, I was like you now im the oposite i got so many times hurt and cried, that i dont remember how crying is im jealous of you
    Well You Can not stop it if you are over sensitive one thing that it may work is when you are going to cry over a movie or someone that died well Just Thing about somthing els, Like i was thinking when was crying Gta omg i love gta and im gone play later, like somthing random and fun for you to do

    • I cry every time I watch the news and over many things
      thatswhy its so easy to hurt my feelings. I dont cry infront of people but whenever I'm in my room alone I cry and some times I can't control my tears in front of people

    • Yes i was crying in the toilet about girls that broke up with me or when i watch a sad video
      That is Happening To all Humans I Like Sensitive people, im not anymore but i can understand them

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  • I only become over sensitive during my period. I tend to cry easier during that time. I guess if it is your personality in general there isn't much you can do about it. Sensitive people are usually offended easy and take everything personally. All you can do is challenge your own thoughts, and try to respond in a different way to the things which make you cry.