Does this guy still have feelings for me?

Okay so this guy I have liked for a while admitted he kinda liked me yesterday, I've been getting signals from him for the past 2/3 months anyway. We spoke for ages last night and today we said hi during school when we walked past eachother too. He said sorry he couldn't talk as he had to get Home real quick over text and I replied don't worry, but he hasn't replied :/ have I done something wrong or am I being to weird about this, he's usually likely too text back straight away but he hasn't.

Also I sit very close to him in class tomorrow and I need some topics to talk about. Any suggestions I will be so grateful.

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  • What is wrong is that he is probably feeling self-conscious about admitting that he has feelings for you. Go to him and let him know that you appreciate his ability to talk about his feelings and let him know that you feel the same way about him. He probably just needs some reassurance.


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