Why do I still have this weird crush?

A long while ago, I met a boy in a class that I sort of liked but then completely forgot about him when the class was over even though I used to refer to him as "handsome guy". I must admit that had a feeling he was gay but I have nothing to confirm that.

A year later, he saw me walking and I was not paying attention but he said hi and from that moment onwards, I developed a crush on him. i'd feel happy every time I see him even if it was from afar and with zero contact between us. We no longer see one another as he moved away but I still feel happy and have this smile on my face when I think about him. The funny thing is that I do not feel sexually or romantically attracted to him (as in I do not see us dating or involved in any relationship other than friendship perhaps) but I just like him. Is this weird? Yes I have not had many (any?) crushes before.


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  • It's not unusual. The nice thing about this kind of crush where you already know that it won't lead to anything is that you can simply enjoy it without stressing over the possibility of losing something.


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