Did I scare this guy off?

Okay so this boy I really fancy started to talk to me and he said he "kinda" liked me. So we started talking more over the past few days. He's a terrible flirter, he makes out he's never had a girlfriend before. He's a bad student, he get's in a lot of trouble all the time. After he made an attempt to flirt, I put a love heart in our text because we hardly even put kisses so this was like "woah" ahaha and then all he replies with is "X" why not a love heart? Is he just not into me, is he having me on? Help :(


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  • It sounds like he is inexperienced. Just take it slow and if you really dig this relationship, then you make your move first, and if he is into you, then he'll follow. As for his personal life, that is completely up to you. If you think you can straighten him out, go ahead, otherwise, I would stick to better behaved boys


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