I'M 27 (USING MY SISTERS ACCOUNT) met two girls but can't pick.

Girl A: 24 yrsold. I asked her out on a date 7 mths ago, and we've been going out but I recently lost interest because her father didn't like me and he thought his daughter deserved better. But then she told me she fought hard for me and said her dad apologised and wants her to be happy. So.. I feel guilty because she's done a lot

Pros-She is driven. Her dream is to become a doctor and she's applying for
medical school
-Does not have facebook and she's family oriented and she's so much fun to talk to.
-loves travel and is very adventurous-goes on hikes, bush walks etc and does not value materialism.
-She's really nice, smart, humble, can stand up for herself and annoyingly stubborn which is what I
click with. She's sensible and she doesn't party much which is what I like.
-She's very pretty and she's very loyal. She's always said to me, even after the break up "no matter what happens, if you need anything, even if it's in 10 years or if you need help with any issues, find me and I will come and help you." She's also got best friends of more than 12 years so she knows how to maintain relationships.

Cons-She knows about girl B but doesn't know I have an interest in Girl B. She asked me a couple of days ago "are you interested in her" "did you ask her out" which shows me she's insecure. Also, I still feel hurt by what her dad thought of me even though her dad apologised. She also texts a lot and what she says can be repetitive sometimes.

Girl B-she is 27 years old. She is my tattooist. She kind of reminds me of myself when she remains reclusive. I just met her. But I've been hanging out with her.

Pros-She's fun to hang out with. She does nice art. She's pretty and nice. family oriented
Cons-She just broke up with a boyfriend and now has met a guy who she has casual sex with.

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  • Right but you say Girl A is insecure for asking about Girl B. That would only be the case if there was nothing going on with Girl B. But, in fact, you are interested in Girl B. Girl A is just smart for figuring it out. But you shouldn't be with her just because you feel bad that she went to all this effort for you. Even if she is amazing, you shouldn't have to talk yourself into being in a relationship with someone.

    Do everyone in this situation a favor and pick B.

    • I still really like Girl A a lot and she is an interesting person. The main thing I want is someone who is long term and sensible.

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  • Make the decision yourself, it's your life.
    If you can't make a decision on what you like or who you get along with then maybe ask your parents to arrange a marriage for you.


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  • is that even a question? girl A by far.