16 Year Old German Girl Speaks Out About Invasion Of Germany?

They SHOULD close the borders in Europe, Germany everywhere. How can teenager be scared for their future, she also said how some friends are carrying electro shocker and paper spray to protect themselves!! thank you fur angela merkel she destroyed Europe!

RIP Germany... Only way to save it to be UNITED as ONE!


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  • I have family in Germany, and visited there back I when I was a kid, it is truly a nightmare what they and surrounding countries are going through right now. My heart aches for them. It is unimaginable that a small percentage has effected a population so much, that you have to be scared every time you leave your house. I hope the Germans do arm themselves with Pepper Spray and such, they need it :(

    • They should close the borders they are like monkeys, sorry but that's how it is. Closing borders but Merkel is traitor for me! If I would be in USA I would vote for Trump for sure

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    • ah Right "We don't want muslims in Poland. In Europe they call us racists, fascists because we say NO, but we're just defending ourselves against another invasion... Winter is coming... Keep it strong Europe!"

    • "Racist" Guess what? Most people, if not everyone is at least a bit racist. Everyone needs to stop playing in to the PC bullshit and push back.

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  • Angela Merkel what did you do. You can't just invite that many people into your home without knowing who they are and creating a set of rules for them to stay. Europe went way to soft on them.

    • I forgot to mention that no one talks about the females refugees that suffers sexual harassment even rape from the police men's and I believe from male refugees to. It's not listen to one side of the story, let's look at all of it.

    • It's not fear to listen'''...

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  • Okay, so I just skipped through the video. I am glad that she realises that there are refugees who are really in desperate need of help and appreciate that they can stay in Germany. But when she said "Thanks to the police men who took their helmets off and participated in demonstrations (by PEGIDA)", I had to shake my head. She has no clue what PEGIDA actually wants.

    • PEGIDA is defending our country! That's what they want to defend their own country and home, since your from Germany better to start following pegida. Everyone who's against imigrants are stupid labeled as nazi and so on and on, it's sad that your betraying your OWN country!!

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    • They are almost all young men, i would fight for my fucking country, not run and leave family behind. And if I would come to other countries, I would respect their culture, religion and work hard to gain better life. They dont respect our culture, religion, they want us to become islamists. So what are u even talking about? What happened for New Year?

    • This debate is seriously getting tiresome because you don't get my point.

      First of all, fleeing from a country is expensive. I know some refugees and sadly some families have been torn apart because they simply couldn't afford for everyone to leave the dangerous country.

      Fight for the country? How? With what equipment? There's a WAR in those countries. It is dangerous and the best they can do is leave and go to a country where it's safe.

      Stop generalising, the majority of refugees is glad that they are getting help and believe it or not, but they are also willing to immigrate and learn the language. A lot of underaged refugees started going to school here and I've seen how happy they are.

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  • If you don't want the problems of Germany, Sweden etc you should Vote Trump. For more rape amd murder vote someone else.

    • Yes! I would vote for Trump too he's the only one who is speaking out loud that you need to be proud of your own country, defending it first.

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    • Trump is selling a fucking utopia, a shit of fairy tail and I had to ad the fact that he doesn't care about people more than what he cares about his wallet.

    • @DiegoO hmmm, Diego is it... yeah, Trump is doing everything the pundits said he couldn't do and he is winning. As far as his wallet goes, he just spent $1mm on the Veterans and is refusing money from corporations, he is self funding. Many other can't say that and Hillary says she will fix Wall Street when she has taken lots and lots of money from them and hasn't dne anything in the past 7 years.

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