How come people are still attracted to me?

I am a pretty girl in real life. Very pretty compared to the average person.

But I do sometimes have trouble grooming myself. Chipped nail polish, unthreaded eyebrows, even a *gasp* moustache. I usually have to go to the salon to do those things so when I'm not free I sort of suck it up.

It doesn't bother me. I hardly need to strive for attention. But I've always wondered why people aren't more turned off by me. I thought guys didn't like all of the above no matter how pretty the girl.

I think it's because I'm also smart in real life. And no one messes with smart people.


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  • post a pic

    • No I don't do that ever. I thought people would pick up on that considring I posted anonymously

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    • Common sense, really

    • silly reasoning

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  • They prob staring and your nasty 'stache

    • Nah. They keep looking over their shoulder, I'm used to it. Stache or not.

      In a way I kind of feel liberated as a woman. I can have a stache, doesn't make me ugly. Just wait a little bit till my next salon appointment

    • You seem too aware. Makes you look insecure.

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  • ... maybe its because you're so humble...

  • No guys don't even look at that stuff. Only girls care about chipped nail polish. And people do mess with smart people. That part just made no sense. So... Show me a picture Lol. I want to see how beautiful you are

    • What about the facial hair

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    • Yeah not going to.

      It means I have a unique kind of look, not generic pretty

    • What's unique about it is my question

  • I have a sister who is just like you and she had some guys finding her attractive. Whenever she did groom herself, she had more people staring at her.

    • I think a lot of it is confidence too. I look like I couldn't be bothered what people think of me, especially in the looks department.

    • Confidence = respect most of the time

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