How do you make the texture (or material) go behind the object (or drawing) so that it actually looks like a background in clip studio paint?

I have tried and tried to find tutorials on this, and I can't find a single one that helps. you would think that there would just be some button you could press to make the texture trade places with the picture, so that it goes behind it. What happens, though, is that when I drag the texture onto the screen at the bottom (like it says to do) the texture ends up covering the WHOLE drawing. In the only tutorial I actually found about this matter, the person drags the texture into the background, but doesn't explain how it happened. How do I actually get the texture to go in the background? Oh, and if you happen to use manga studio 5, i've heard it's the same program. Any help that anyone can give me is appreciated. I just got this program for free, and it seems really cool except for that one thing...


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  • Drop it and use corel. Problem solved. Turn down opacity and manipulate the layer texture so it is behind the picture. Open the dam layer management noob. XD

    • what's corel? like corel painter? also, i've tried moving the layers, like you do in photoshop, so that one layer could be behind another, but it doesn't work the same as photoshop

    • Yeah corel painter. Did you mess with opacity? I'm sorry but I only use photoshop and corel as they are the two most powerful drawing softwares in my opinion so I am just trying to transfer my knowledge from those two to here. You might have to reopen the program and open texture first then reimport the photo. I think the picture might have merged with the canvas maybe. Happens when I import photos to PSD or RIFF I have to lasso select the picture off the canvas and make a new layer.

    • ok. i was thinking of just reopening it with photoshop anyway, since i already know how to put pictures in the background. thanks. :D

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