What can I do instead of cutting?

I know I shouldn't cut I really do... That's why I'm asking this.
When I cut it just makes everything else go away and makes everything better... Except I have a scare on my arm...
What can I do instead to make things go away?

So please don't flag this, I'm trying to stop. And just want help with stopping


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  • Writte anything in paper, writting random stuff, can be your life, feelings, or just fiction, create characters, make them interact, and... get the feelings out.

    Walk, jog and run. Do other exercices.

    Get out home. Avoid staying inside walls. Feel the sun and the air in your body, breath and grab a cam/cellphone and photograph stuff.

    Listen to some energetic music.

    • Can you get a bycicle?

    • Advice: Don't add anyone you don't know to your personal Skype or any other social tools.
      Don't give any personal information and don't allow strangers access on any way to information about you.

    • If you want to know new people, create an account just for that purpose with no real info, and analyse their behavior carefully, as you can.

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  • You cannot just make it go away.
    You need to handle your problems. When you cut you convince yourself that it's making you feel better, when really it doesn't. It's in your head. The consequences outweigh the temporary relief. It leaves scarring and it doesn't actually solve the problem.

    You need to find a healthy way to vent. I use writing as my way. Others use reading to distract themselves. Any of your hobbies should work. When you start to feel the urge to cut, do something that makes you happy.

    You have to figure out the source (the reason why you do it) and fix that problem. What is it that is making you feel like you need to do that?

    I've seen people get rubber bands and snap them against their wrist to ease themselves out of cutting. You could try that. But you need to use it as a tool to ease yourself OUT of self-harming, not as a substitute.

    You will not be happy until you can fix the underlying problems.
    You should seek a counselor. Perhaps your school counselor could help you or give you resources to help.


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  • games

  • Do you have skype? Talk to me: nbk420

    • You sound like you need someone to talk to, like friends maybe, friends like me.

    • Why do you need to Skype with her? You can talk wiith her here.

    • @OrangeBoy I feel like I might know who this girl is IRL, so I'm gonna see if I can add them on my alternate account.

  • instead of cutting start creating. you curretly hate yourself. start producing some work for other people and you'll love it. when you give love you take love back.


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  • Go to the gym, go for a run exhale all the negative energy you're having.. even cry if you have to but in the end if you cut you'll be left with nothing but scars.

  • Seek professional help.

  • Is there something else you can distract yourself with when you feel the urge? Go for a long walk, get with people, dont put yourself in the position where you have time to focus on negative thoughts