Would you want a little mystery on how a guy looks shirtless and wait a little before you both start exchanging those "pics" ?

I think I sent them way too early to chicks I meet on tinder or ones from school,

> This girl and I goes to same school, we used to text before too, I've put on like 20 pounds since that (Altho I was still hella jacked at that time too)
> we started texting again like two days ago and we were exchanging pics nothing showing that much skin doe
> We were talking about how we don't talk much in school now and how its been long time since I sent her a shirtless pic (We were joking about it because I used to send her a hella lot pics like that)
> and then I sent her a shirtless pic
> She texted back "Wow, way to kill suspense lol 😑" and that she wanted to create a little suspense and then me to send a shirtless pic and not just instant.
> wtf? I always get compliments on my bod but whyd she wanna wait if she've seen me like that before too? Pics I was sending her before shirtless pic were mostly of me flexing and shit or just of some other funny stuff.
> Would you want a little mystery on how a guy looks shirtless even if you can notice that he have a hot bod?


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  • I think she was just joking, since you did send him them in the past she has an idea of what you look like (body) BUT since it's been a while then maybe she wanted to see it later on in a heated moment? Personally no, I like it when I get sent them because then It makes me excited to see them lol.

    • She see me almost everyday I go school, but we never really talk and yea its been like a year. And I don't know about that joking part lol she sounded pretty srs

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    • Yeah! It doesn't seem that serious

    • What a weirdo, Thanks.

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    • You gave useful opinion but that didn't worked, she called my fetish weird and turns out she had even a wierder fetish. wtf, Yea I just bailed but yea that cliffhanger tech almost worked I think she was just in it because she wanted to try "something" with me too. Yea right

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    • Dude I've had chicks from there that are in "hands" lol

    • Ya, I'm sure you get all kinds. It's just... less common.

      If yr interested in reading about it, you could start here books.google.com/books ... if that link works (dunno if google books links work here)

  • Nope not at all

  • I prefer to see the real thing..


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