Girls, What would you do if this actually happened to you in real life?

I had this dream where I was seeing my Gynecologist for a check up. I am really nervious and I begin to tense. He tells me to relax. I lay my head back and try my best to relax. Suddenly I feel this weird sensation followed by a cramping pain. The pain finally goes and I tip my head forth and look between my legs and my Gynecologist was no where to be found. I am scared at this point. I sit up right and stand to my feet and begin to look around the room. Still no sign of him. Suddenly sensations return like something struggling inside me followed by muffled screaming coming from out between my legs.
To my shock I then realise it swallowed him whole! I didn't know what to do and too imbarest to tell anyone so I just left.

I seem to have these crazy dreams a lot, not always the same but similar.

But it had me thinking, if it really were to have happened in real life somehow "magically" ... how would you react and what would you do?


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  • That's really scary 😳. I'd probably completely freak out and leave.

  • Id pull him out somehow.
    by the way odd idea for a movie 👍🏻

  • I would take my camera, make the pictures when he comes out and sell the images.