What do these signs mean?

-They purposely show me they are avoiding me
-They kind of tease me like they like me
- But I have a feeling its mind games because they don't speak to me or vice versa

I honestly feel unwelcomed (which is fine.) kind of used to that by people who don't speak to me or vice versa. but If im trying to stay away from this person why are they letting me see their behavior? Are they telling me to leave and Im not welcomed?
Wouldn't you think someone who doesn't like a person stay out of my eye sight? or are people that bold these days? Im not paranoid on this one.. This has been going on for months.

What do you think?

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  • This is not enough info for a conclusion

    • well... they avoid me but want me to see. or they do things to get my attention but we don't speak... so what would you think about this. lol its weird I know.

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