Do you believe law is too strict when it comes to murder? Should people be allowed to have the chance to kill just one person?

Just one though... no more...

So wot do u say? Approve or not?

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  • I think The Purge was on to something tbh. If we can all get our violent rage out of our systems then I believe our overall crime rates would fall. Of course, we'd need a LOT more ambulances and EMTs, but that would simply create more jobs. I don't see many downsides lol


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  • So you want everyone to have, like, one free kill?

    I guess people would probably be a lot nicer...

    • Perhaps... I believe people are afraid of law... law stops 'em from killing someone... ;)

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What Girls Said 1

  • No I dont think it's stict enough. Nobody has the right to end the life of another


What Guys Said 2

  • This is a ridiculous question and I am upset that it is even asked because this shows a real defect in your psyche to even ask it.

    • Relax man it was just a question... during war millions of people get killed on daily basis...

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    • see @tifftaff01's comment... she's almost 4 decades younger than u but she seems to be a LOT smarter...

    • Not really. What it does is indicate how f***** up the ethics and morals of our youth are. The idea of the purge is absolutely ridiculous.

  • No, you dont have the right to kill someone, neither does anyone else. This should be obvious. Most murderes get 15 - 30 years in prison where im from, depending on mitigating or aggrivating factors. I believe this is suitable.

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