Tips for a high ASVAB score?

What should I study? How can I best prepare to maximize my chances of scoring as high as posible?


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  • Your 18, ever looked into becoming an officer? Their the leaders of the Army. They are the role models for everyone. Check it out sometime, multiple ways to become an officer. Right now I got to Pennstate Univ and take ROTC which is a course that teaches me leadership skills to become a commissioned officer in the Army when i graduate college. Enlistment is good, but nothing like being a leader. :) It's all up to you, but high respect for having interest in the military.

    • I thought about it but since there are finally more combat roles being opened to women I'd like to pursue something like that, I think it's what I personally am better suited for. Thanks a lot, you too!

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  • I didn't study lol I just took it and got I think it was a 77 the first and only time. My brother got an 85.

    It's not because we're smart, we're just naturally good at tests.

    And I don't know how to study for a good score.
    Have you taken the practice tests?

    • Ideally I would like to score a 110 or higher to keep all my options open. No, I have not had a chance yet to take the practice test

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    • Your right, my mistake I did not clarify. I was referring to the line scores. Thank you btw^ I forgot to mention that earlier :)

    • Oh lol I was like "damn! Did they change the scale?"

      Take practice tests. I wish I did because maybe I could've gotten higher. But meh. I'm fine with mediocrity.

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    • Thank you!

    • I just took the test and got 11 wrong out of the 135 questions, so I got 92%. I got burned on 2 vocabulary questions (I disagree with the test) and 2 or 3 auto/shop questions. The rest were careless errors because I did the math in my head an messed-up and/or not wearing my glasses had me read the question wrong.

    • Thank you so much! And good job haha :)

  • It's a pretty easy test dude.


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