Is it unfair that it's not socially acceptable for men to get moral/emotional support?

Men are taught to toughen it up. Just handle it. To just be a man and deal with it. They're human too and equally deserve as much love and support as anyone else.

Why do you think 99% of mass murderers and shooters are MEN with unstable mental conditions? They're tipping over the edge, nobody wants to listen, nobody cares, they have nowhere to go but force people to listen. It's literally how school shooters are created. They're tipping over the edge every day and nobody cares, they have nowhere to turn to, it's just a matter of time before they explode.

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  • men are human beings with emotions, that should be taken just as seriously as women's emotions are.


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  • Of course its not fair. We are literally decades away from even having a serious conversation about changing this mindset, because other "oppressed" groups are currently occupying the "victim" stall, dropping massive loads of shit.

    Wait your turn.

    Oh, there goes the wage gap. Splash!

  • That's a big jump to go from lack of support to mass murderers and shooters.. A lot of those cases stem from abuse. I would also like to say that men can get moral and emotional support if they ask for it. I have from time to time.

    • like women don't get abused or something

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    • dude are u really 37. You have the reading comprehension of a 17 year old

    • Show me where you said abuse is not exclusive to men in your description. I provided my opinion and you have reacted rather immaturely. Hell at least if you're going to insult me make it a little better than that..

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