Could my piercing be infected?

I got a second piercing in my ears about 6 weeks ago and changed the earrings for the first time last night and noticed that there was white junk built up on the earring back and on the earring itself. I've kept a check on them all day today and cleaned them and the junk still builds up. They don't hurt at all and they aren't red. I just want to know if this is normal?


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  • I'm not sure if that is infection. Not that's what mines is like when I clean mine, make sure you clean it at least twice a day.
    Mine has lots of dried blood when I clean it.
    I think it's normal and fine


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  • yes~ even with proper care, piercings can get infected. it's also possible that you're having an allergic reaction or that your body is rejecting the piercing.

    i have 3 holes in each ear, never had an issue with any of them. but, when i got my cartilage pierced in 2011, it suddenly got super itchy about 8 weeks after, but nothing else was amiss (no pain or discharge).

    so i went to the walk-in clinic and the doc there wasn't sure if it was an infection or an allergic reaction, but she prescribed a cream~ i applied it for the 3 days she said to, and have had no trouble with it since.

    if you're taking care of your piercing properly/regularly and are still having issues, get it checked out, stat.

  • Were they done with a gun or professionally?

    But yeah, that's definitely normal. That's puss. All piercings will crust
    As long as its white, and your ear doesn't hurt

  • Maybe your body is rejecting the piercing