Have you made any forbidden zones in your relationships too?

My forbidden zone experience

For me, I have a refridgerator of a chocolate collection. Even chocolates that aren't sold anymore.
My ex girlfriend ate my wonka bar, half of my Terry's Pyramint, my Nuts about Caramel, 6 of my Cadbury Chocolate Coins, My Kit Kat Senses and my Kit Kat Caramac...
Luckily I caught her before she opened my Kit Kat Chocolate mocha.

I even put a "DO NOT TOUCH THIS REFRIDGERATOR" note just above it in red marker.

  • Yes, and my partner has broken them with a sorry.
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  • Yes, and he'll/she'll do it again!
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  • No, but I've broken their forbidden zone
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  • No, wouldn't even try it either.
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  • No, wouldn't even try it either.