Girls, Girls: I need your guidance? Please!!! ?

So, there is this girl that me and her have been spending some time together as in having lunch with each other once in a while every week and it last from an 1hr to an 1.30 just having a conversation for laugh and such until our class starts. I don't know if she likes me and there is another guy that seems to always sit next to her from the first day of school and looks like they knew each other for quite a while and she sits next to him in classes. I don't know if she likes him or if she likes me? Everytime I spend time with her it would be for quite a while just talking about various topics from what she likes, stories, future, marriage, relatonship, just everything.

Note: I know this is a long paragraph but, its been bugging me for weeks and I never felt this way before. Probably jealosy of her sitting next to the guy in class and never had feelings bottled up before. I don't want to case an awkward tension. I just don't know...


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  • Err.

    Sounds like she thinks of you as a friend. Ask her to do something outside of class to be sure!

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