What car should I get based on the following?

I'm looking to spend under 45k for a 2013-2016 2 door car. I will usually have one passenger. I need a trunk that's big enough to store enough groceries that will last a week. Fuel economy isn't important but maintenance, reliability, and fun to drive are important. I don't want an ugly car like a Miata or a girly car like a Beetle, Buick Cascada, or a an Audi TT from before 2016. I don't want a car that looks like something a doucebag would drive.


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  • I'd look into getting a 4 door car since sedans are cheaper to insure than coupes and they're really only a few inches longer. You can always just fold down the back seats.

    Toyotas are super reliable and really cheap to replace parts for so they're cheap to maintain.

    • No. I'm 100% sure I want a car with two doors. I'm not too worried about insurance.

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  • Mustang
    Fast, cheap, reliable, and easy to make it your own.