Riddle me this (In case it wasn't clear from the title, this is a riddle.)?

I understand that it isn't entirely realistic. Please just humor me.

You move to a new town. Once you get there, you realize there is something kind of off about your new neighbors. They keep looking at you- staring you down and licking their lips like you're a piece of meat. It doesn't take you long to find out why- turns out your neighbors love hunting, but with no deer or wildlife around, they don't have anything to hunt, so they just hunt each other. Typically they choose their next target based on who annoys them the most.

You have a barking dog, and ten loud children- who do you think they're going to come after first. The guy who plays his boombox too loudly. They hunt him down on September 7th in the afternoon.

Their next target-the guy who likes to rev his motorcycle at night when everyone is asleep. They hunt him down on September 9th in the afternoon- now you can finally get some shut eye.

Slowly but surely the list dwindles down. Next they take out the guy who is consuming 90 houses worth of water. They hunt him down on September 13th, as soon as he gets up and out of bed. The hot sun makes them sweaty, so they help themselves to the guy's very large water supply after that.

Their next target- Bill. Bill is always pissing off neighbors. Bill is a vacuum salesman who doesn't understand "No." Naturally, Bill's got to go. Bill is hunted down on February 24th in the afternoon.

Finally, they hunt down steven. Creepy, stalker steven. The guy who is always looking through your windows. They hunt him down on December 19th, as soon as the sun rises.

Now they're coming for you. You can only take off half a day for work (anyone who doesn't go to work is immediately hunted). You know they are coming after you on November 12th at 12:00. Do you leave in the morning or the afternoon. Choose wisely, you can only talk half a day off. They could come afte

Some additional information that might help- you can either leave from 12am-12pm or 12pm to 12am. You can't leave at odd times. You must be back by 12:00. Either 12:00 at night or 12:00 in the afternoon.

Explain the logic behind your answer. This isn't a hard riddle, but you might have to think about it for a second.

If you choose wrong, you're done for.
I am no expert with riddles, so this may be flawed. However, I thought this through carefully and I don't think so.


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  • I will leave in the morning and go to the police station and set up some police forces in my house to defend and to arrest the neighbour hunters.
    Easy, and nobody will get killes anymore by them.

    • I'm not sure that answer is in the spirit of the riddle... also, these people are gun nuts.

      If you would leave in the morning, why would you leave in the morning?

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    • Either no one else has seen it or no one else has solved it.
      Given my track record, I'm guessing it isn't the latter. Probably no one has seen it.

    • Why did i die? The police killed the neighbours!
      Well i can ask for the army drop a nuke on the town too. I won. Yes :P xD

  • If you're able to leave for the second half of the day that would mean you didn't die in the first half...

    Are you taking 12:00 a. m. to be the start of that day or the start of the next day?

    • There are two time slots during which you can leave.
      12:00am- 12:00pm (morning) or
      12:00pm to 12:00 am (afternoon)
      Does that help at all?
      No, that's not the answer. You have to guarantee your safety. If you plan to leave during the afternoon but get hunted down in the morning, you're screwed. You have to be sure that you picked the right time to leave.
      There are no tricks in this riddle. The answer is logic based.

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    • How would they be hot from the sun at 12:00 am? Surely he could have slept until noon.

    • The riddle has a couple flaws. But that won't affect your answer. just pretend the sun comes out at 12:00am in this strange town but goes down in the afternoon.
      I should have thought it through a bit more, but you should still be able to answer it despite that hole in logic.

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