Is she looking for sex or just trying to play?

> This chick and I met like 4 months back on a college party
> I told her I am in college too lol
> We made out but didn't had sex or anything
> but then I don't know who told her but she figured out I am still in school. she texted me random ass para saying I maniuplated her that day but I didn't replied
> Met her again today when my brother called his friends to our house.
> She ignored me all that time, I didn't even cared and just went out after half hour
> She textdd me when I was out that it was really immature for me to just ignore her rather than talk to her about it? We didn't even had sex, It was just making out. I texted her back ok and that I am coming back
> I came back after her text and thought she'd wanna do something more or stuff.
> But then she started ignoring me again and didn't replied to my text when I called her up and hour later they all left.
> Now just hour ago, She started texting me casually about random stuff and then she mentioned how she was super pissed on me about earlier tonight? WTF?
> I didn't replied and left her text on read and then she texted again that I am being immature? lol Only reason I even texted back and putting up with her pms issues is because she's like 9/10 and I'd wanna do something more than making out but what's with all these stupid games?

And would you feel maniuplated if you made out with some guy at college party who told you he's in college but he's not? And how the hell it even matter?


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  • I honestly wouldn't care that much if I just made out with a guy at a party, and it's not manipulation if she knows what she's doing too, she obviously wanted to kiss u if y'all made out.

    • Yep. That sounds pretty psycho to me to feel manipulated and then showing up at my house telling me that I am being immature lol

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    • Ey Thanks for mho ;)

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  • lol you have two routes here.
    1. Disregard dignity, acquire sex
    2. Say fuck it and don't do shit.
    (optional) continue teasing the bitch

    • Id prolly disregard dignity, bang, dab, bail and let her be Taylor Swift for a while

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    • Nope this was college chick I lied about being in college to lol but yea hot chicks are usually ones who are pms all the time.

    • Thats why they need to get fucked so often m8

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  • Dude you should just suck it up, apologize and fuck the shit out of her. If you apologize and be all charming she'll drop dem panties in a hurry.

    • Fuk no I am apologizing ha, apologizing for making out with her? She should thank me. she called me dick and I ended it anyway so ha

    • I think she was mad you lied about being in college not that you made out. Plus I'd apologize for something I shouldn't apologize for if it'd get me laid. :P

      Plenty more sl00ts in the sea, man. Good call getting rid of her, sounds like a whiny bitch anyway. :P

  • I have only three word advise and get you laid. Seduce the women

    • Ha pretty sure she already seducdd braw

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    • She's Christian bro lol like tim tebow christian

    • Wrong post, ha but cos she wanna be Taylor Swift do bad.

  • You're thirsty... She wears too much makeup