What sort of Mytakes are most successful on this site?

I made a mytake (spent a while on it) and it didn't get promoted, which I'm kind of bummed about. The mytake wasn't helpful, but I thought it was kind of entertaining. Do moderators like entertaining satire or do they like instructional mytakes that actually help people?

My new mytake is somewhere between the two. It is kind of ridiculous but also helpful (I hope). Is that the sort that get promoted.

Just curious to get your thoughts on this subject?

It seems like mytakes that don't get promoted aren't very successful. maybe that's not true, but it seems that way. I'm just wondering what sort of content I should post to get promoted.


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  • Ones on relationships

    • Oh... that's not really my style. But that's probably true.

    • Perhaps I could try doing a humorous one on relationships.

    • They're not the only ones that do, I've written 12 myTakes and 10 have been promoted even though none have been on relationships

What Guys Said 2

  • I recommend using your creative energy on better platforms. Simply using Tumblr and referencing it as a source of insight is infinitely better than having a promoted myTake. At least there you can build a legit following and have a malleable platform that can be used to expose your ideas to broader audiences.

    GirlsAskGuys is almost impossible to monetize. I haven't written a myTake, but I'm pretty sure external links aren't permitted (havent seen any). Total waste.

    • I've never used Tumblr.
      I don't want to earn any money, I just want some people to read it.
      I guess I could give Tumblr a try.
      I posted another mytake. Fingers crossed this one will be promoted.

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    • Tumblr has over 200million users. It's a good starting point.

      Write your content there and reference it. Link to it. Give your blog some juice.

    • I don't have a blog, but I guess I could create one.
      Thanks for the tip

  • Stick with what you're good at man, you'll do fine. These kind of things take time.

    • That's true, fair enough.

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