What if you sing like other singers? Does it mean you don't have a nice voice?

So I've been told I have a nice voice, and I'm not going to be modest by saying I don't have agood voice. I'm not like Adelle or anything , lol but for someone selftaught I think I have a nice voice (as many others). But I seem to be able to come really close to other singers. Like when I'm singing along, or even acapella. I turn to do their voices. So does that mean I don't actually have a good voice? Is it actually something?


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  • It means you can change your voice similar to some other singers well that's a +point coz not every one can do that...
    But try to give your touch

    • Ok thank you!!!

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    • You can sound like Rihanna?
      I love the way you lie lol

    • hahaah sometimes... Yes. If i try to make my voice like hers.

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