Do any of you know how to fix a PS2 slim memory card slot?

I just recently bought myself a PS2 slim from a retro game store last night and it works fine. It read games fine. The only one problem is the memory card slot 1 doesn't work at all, which is starting to frustrate the hell out of me and piss me off. I tried blowing on it, firmly pushing it up and down, inserting q-tips inside (both wet with rubbing alcohole and dry). I've tried absolutely everything and nothing works. I tried googling repair tips for it and even google isn't helpful for worth crap.

Fortunately, the 2nd memory card slot works fine. However, I doubt that many games allow me to save on the 2nd slot. I'm thinking of opening it up but I need to look up a youtube video first before I figure it all out myself. Do you guys know how to fix PS2 memory card slots on the slim models?


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  • no, but just google up a youtube video, or call up your local nerd at gamestop

    • I've tried google and youtube multiple times and they're pretty freakin useless since they provided absolutely no video at all on how to repair them so I'm just trying my luck here on GAG if anyone is good at repairing video game consoles.

    • you can buy like a used ps3 for i assume not a ton of money
      but what do i know about video games

  • you came to the wrong forum dude. totally.

    • Broooo, anon my age range and you talk just like me, it's like i'm talking to myself lol. totally.

    • @ConsultantIsBack yo, bro. are you my clone or what lol.

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