What are 3 things you've never done and have never happened to you?

It can be anything you considered important that you've never done or has never happened.

- Never got cheated on nor hit in a relationship
- Never had casual sex
- Never got pregnant

I'm just bored and don't feel like answering questions that causes debates.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Never broke a bone in my body
    Never been arrested
    Never been with a guy


Most Helpful Girl

  • Great question, it makes me really re-evaluate my life.

    1) I've never gotten physically abused in a relationship. (If I did, I wouldn't stand for it).

    2) I've never been sky diving. (At some point in life, I'd love to try it, it is on my bucket list).

    3) I've never ran a marathon. (At some point in life, I want to get into good enough shape that I am able to do that)--Huge accomplishment!!

    • Similar to me. Though for 1 not only would I not put up with it but he'll regret it fast and I don't even need to call the cops nor call another guy to do it for me, I'll handle him myself. This is where it's a good thing knowing martial arts, along with height advantage.

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  • i haven't seen a tornado in person

    never been to EU

    can't juggle


What Girls Said 2

  • 1) I've never been raped nor abused in a relationship.
    2) I never participated in a checkers tournament but would love too. Very few women are into that board game.
    3) I have never been an owner of a company nor manager but would love to one day.

  • 1. Sex
    2. Kiss
    3. Go to bar/club

    1 & 2 won't be doing before marriage.

    As for 3, not gonna do ever.

    • Don't say never
      If your young daughter goes into a bar or a club you wouldn't go in a retrieve her?