Have you ever been cursed by a gypsy (please read my story)?

First of all I must demand to take my post seriously. Whatever I say is serious. If you don't believe in gypsy curses, and come here just in order to make fun of it then please leave.

I came to a conclusion I've been cursed by a gypsy. They say gypsy's curse come true most of times, and in my area where I live, we have lots of gypsies and I've heard stories from other people as well.

Well, I used to be almost 5'10" in school when I was 15-16 and I was one of the tallest and biggest kids of the class. But now almost a decade later I'm just only 5'5" and really small and much weaker than I used to be. Sure it's impossible for a young person to lose 5 inches unless if he suffers from some serious illness. Which is untrue since I didn't have any serious health problems according to medical exams during the last few years.

I used to engage into fights against various gypsies back in school and I even injured some of them. I was taller and bigger than them back then and much stronger. Now they are bigger than me when I see them on the road or on the square sometimes and they can beat me up easily now. I believe one of those kids' mom (or maybe more than 1 of them) cursed me to grow smaller and shorter rapidly as years go by so her sons would have the upper hand and be able to beat me up. Also I must mention sometimes (like once per month) I feel like a laser beam or some kind of spell is hitting me on my head and I just feel like somehow shorter when it occurs and I feel dizzy as well. It happens for years.

When I told my story to 3-4 different doctors they laughed at me and thought I was joking so they kicked me out.

Anyway, do you people here had any similar experiences? Have you ever been in a fight against a gypsy, then realised you were being cursed?

If someone comes here just to laugh at me then he/she will be blocked instantly. There are no excuses. I'm seeking for serious answers and only.


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  • This is why you don't bully people kids. The gypsies will get to ya!

    • I don't think it's funny.

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    • I'm a different person than then. I even apologize to them personally if I saw them. OK I regret for my actions but I don't think I deserve to be made fun of I think!

    • Well I'm just going to answer your question & say no I haven't been cursed by a gypsy

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  • I was unsure as to whether or not you are a troll, until you started talking about "laser beams" lol

    • Fuck you dude, did you read my first sentence? If you came here to laugh at me then you chose wrong question.


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  • Are you sure that it's not some kind of bone disease? Have you been to an actual doctor? School medical exams are not definitive.

    • Yes of course, but I didn't tell anything about my story. If I did then they will start considering me crazy and kick me out (as it happened a few times).

      But yeah, I've been to a few in those last years and I didn't have any bone disease, nor -even worse- a cancer. I cannot find any other explanation, apart from the fact I was cursed.

      If you have any similar experiences or you know anyone, please share!

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    • Yes, but he hardly believed me and thought I was paranoid. It's no use since I don't have real evidence, except those people who knew me when I was a teenager.

    • If it's a delusion, no, he wouldn't believe you.

  • Why were you even beating up gypsies in the first place?


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  • No I have not and by the way I am a gypsy -.- and while curses are real it kind of sounds like you deserve it from reading what you used to do to them I mean we have suffered through prosecution since we became what we are. Though I seriously doubt you've been cursed by us.

    • I see. Well sorry first of all, but I was more immature by then. But since you are a gypsy you must know more about those curses.

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    • I do every time I come across them.
      Maybe you might be write about those medical issues, and doctors might haven't found anything yet. Honestly I hope it's just a curse instead of some strange extremely rare disease that occurs once in a million.

    • Well it maybe something medical related but It's next to impossible that it's some once in a million year disease. Like I said just keeping making amends and keep going to the doctors though leave the curse thing out.

  • @astrOnaut01 how did you get MHO?

    • No other choice, I had to pick someone so they can see my question.

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    • I'm not crazy. And it's not my impression either. My mother was 5'3" and now she is 5'2" since she shrinked by aging (she is in her mid 50s). I remember back then I was dwarfing her and now we are more close in height.

      Anyway if you don't believe those things please don't answer. I know many people in my area who've been hit by a gypsy's curse.

    • Well it's normal for older people to lose an inch but what you're saying seems unrealistic.
      The reason I responded is because I don't want you to go out there looking for someone that can "reverse the spell" and just end up scamming you for your money.