Is it so wrong to cut my SO's sister out of my life?

I have done absolutely nothing to this woman, but listen to her in her time of need, and be understanding of her lifestyle. I would hangout with her and her niece, or go shopping with her and her mother. I was happy to know her. Even when my husband (at the the time boyfriend) broke up, I would still hang out with her and even be her gym buddy.

I don't even know where the sudden smear of my character has even begun with her. Sure we got married pretty fast, then she went ape shit. When I tried to make amends with her, because she claimed I disrespected her family by giving too soon notice that we were getting married. Ever since then, she's been a thorn in my side. She even decided to say that I got pregnant on purpose. For the love of god, I didn't even realize I was with a child until into my second term!

Am I wrong to want to cut her out of my life? I've become the bad guy in my own life with her.


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  • You're not wrong at all you're entitled to do whatever you want with your life :)

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