What’s your deepest, most secret desire?

You know it’s there. Just be honest and admit it. You’ll feel amazing… and free.

I should say mine to believe in myself more and not let my things hold me back.
I use to be a better person and not let the shit hold me back.


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  • Hmmmmm. Toughie. I don't typically keep secrets, but maybe I can pull something from the inside.

    My deepest desire may be to be happy for who I am and what I am doing with my life. It's my life, right? No need to compare it to another.

    If that doesn't work, I'll go with the desire to please my (future) husband in more ways than one. Yes, sexually, of course, but I mean I want him to be proud of me. Not a trophy wife scenario, but be someone he is happy to see when he gets off work. No telling what kind of job I'll be doing, but if he wants me to be a SAHW/SAHM, I will gladly do so... if he appreciates me the right way. I want to be that wife that has the house clean, dinner ready when he walks in, and all that other jazz. But if not, I want him to love me regardless. I just want that true love. We might argue, but that won't end the marriage. He needs to be willing to talk it out with me. We're a team.

    Too much? Not the right desire? Oh well. Too late now. Haha.


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  • to have sex w/ all the female disney characters


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  • To take all pain and suffering in the world upon myself
    so that the world and it's inhabitants could live freely.

    If it meant that the world would cease to slowly be destroyed
    and all it's beings would be happy, I'd gladly receive the most horrifying torture.

    That's mine.. if you meant to put this in the sexual behavior topic
    tell me, and I'll change it for you. ^.~

  • I don't know that it's deep or secret, but here she goes:

    I wanna have a small family that I love; I want to live on a sizeable piece of land where I can grow some fruits and vegetables; I want to be somewhere close to the ocean (I love fresh seafood and marine wildlife). I also want to work hard, and I want to get published as a writer.

    And whie doing all of that, I want to enjoy nature -- I'm a big believer in that Romantic idea that God (or whatever you prefer to call it) lives and can be seen in nature, and I want more of that in my life. I need more of that.

    • Cumquat trees?

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    • Pardon my spelling. Should be kumquat. What was I thinking? Lol

    • @Southern_Shorty Nah you're good. Aussies spell it with "c," but then again their toilet water rotates clockwise, so what do they know?

  • If I told you I'd have to kill you. The plan of my most secret desire is already in action and I don't want threats to my future power in the world. @Littlett25 knows what I'm talking about ;P

  • World domination. And food.

  • an aphrodite...
    oh god yes..