I don't know what to do?

Okay, so in 2014, I had my first somehwhat boyfriend without my parents permission. I was 14, and my sister found out.. she read our messages. Today, she brought it up.. and kept asking me "has a boy ever kissed you? and she kept asking! and I just said one time some kid kissed me but that was it. And then she brought up the messages she read and threatened to tell my parents. But then she says "I'm just kidding" I'm kind of worried that she will tell them at some point, I swear I thought she forgot.. I even forgot! that boy meant nothing to me, he just asked me out and I was like whatever. I'm currently 16 and now I don't know what to do. My parents will be real disappointed in me for having a boyfriend at a young age, and I always wanted to keep it a secret. I really don't want them to know. That boy was also a cover up for all the guys asking me to be their date for valentines, they kept asking me like if I was a hoe. And asking what I'd do with them if they took me on a date, so I screenshot our messages with that kid and posted them on Instagram and the boys left me alone. I told my sister that story too, and she somewhat believed it. But it's the truth! what do I do now?


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  • Out of curiosity, what nationality are you?

    Reason for asking is that I've heard of other cultures (I'm a plain old white dude in America) where traditions and expectations are much more rigid / strict, or I suppose religion could have similar effect.

    I don't think most parents (again, based on the typical American culture) would be upset if their 14 year old had a "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" and kissing was involved. They'd probably think it was either normal, or maybe as far as "cute", but it wouldn't be cause for alarm or reason to get upset, especially if you made it to 16 without getting pregnant or your grades in school dropping because of all the time you spent with your boyfriend.

    Dating, "relationships" (In quotes because as I recall relationships at 14 years old, it was more of a technicality than a real relationship where a lot of time was spent together outside of school / groups of friends), and kissing is normal at that age, so your sister blackmailing you is really pointless (again, unless you've got cultural rules against you).

    Tell your sister to knock it off and grow up, and don't worry about anything.

    • I am Hispanic, more specifically Dominican and Venezuelan. And thanks so much! You are right, she shouldn't be blackmailing someone half her age. Thanks once again (:

    • Wait, your sister is 32 and is doing this?
      Wow... Yeah, I figured this was a younger sister trying to be "goody two shoes" to mommy and daddy, forget about her, she's obviously nuts. This is the kind of behavior I'd expect a little kid to do, not an adult sister twice your age!

    • She acts as if she still in grade school. I know, she is nuts lol. Especially blackmailing me! I'm sure she had a boyfriend when she was in Highschool.

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