What would you do to make yourself mire beautiful phsically?

I know I should "love myself" for who I am and everything but sometimes there's still something we would like to change about us physically.
Mine changes would be:
Straight teeth (Getting braces soon so yay!)
Clear face without makeup (Im getting there)
Longer eyelashes (in the process)
More toned body (ive been working out every week lately.)
To grow two more inches (5'2.)

What would you change if you could? Would you even feel the need to change?

  • I would change myself physically (comment below what you would change)
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  • I wouldn't changed myself physically (comment below why)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I need to lose like 25-ish pounds, do more intense strength training to tone up some more. I also have one not-so-straight tooth that could use straightening.

    Oh, and I'd also like that quarter inch of hairline back that my early thirties stole from me, but hey, you can't have it all!

    • Its good you're trying to excersize, I'm doing the same 😊 its good that you dont seem to have a lot that you'd wish to change. And haha the hairline one got me πŸ˜„ thanks for the opinion!

    • You're welcome. Good luck with your exercising. :)

Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm just gonna keep my flaws... because I know if I change something and I end up not liking it, i'm gonna cry forever :o!

    yup! so i'll just try to change what I can change and be happy and complain about my flaws that I can'T change. :D!

    • Interesting outlook, I like it! 😊

    • :p! thanks! yeah! I know myself pretty well... I'd rather complain about what is not right, than cry about what has been awfully corrected D: ... I mean I could end up looking soooo freakin' awesome!! but also i could end up looking like a science experiment D:
      so i'll just stay happily unhappy with all my flaws instead! :D!

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What Guys Said 4

  • Straight teeth.
    Lose weight.
    Clear my skin.
    So basically fixable things hahaha

    • Same here, its good they're easily fixable. Do you have braces or are you not getting them?

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    • Well I'm 16 and I'm just getting braces in the next few months, its never really too late. I've seen people in their thirties with them

    • Nah I mean I've got a lot on my plate lol

  • I wouldn't because I am jacked af OP, mirin?

  • Man I have to say it is quite sad how many people would change themselves. I am one though! I'm only like 5'3 - 5'4 Male I would like to grow. Granted I'm only 15 and still have tons of time to grow.

  • I have straight teeth and a nice jawline I just want to be bald


What Girls Said 4

  • Braces are great! I got them at your age and they came off when I was 18. I'm trying to see how long I can grow my hair. I have been giving myself these short, chic haircuts for years but now I'm going to let it grow and have something different:) If you want nicer skin, you are going to have to let it breathe, no product on your face, most of tne time. Vaseline may help eyelashes grow.

    • Yea I can't wait for full braces, I have one brace closing a gap on my teeth atm and next I'll have full braces. I am starting to get clear enough skin that I can let my close friends and family see me without it (I usually wear it every waking moment) and I'm going bare faced often at home. Thank you for the suggestions and tips! And I think your hair would look fantastic shoulder length with either lower bangs (eyebrow level) or just grow them out completely

  • I wouldn't change myself physically or anything because those I have imperfections that cause insecurities sometimes also are some of the things people love most about me. So I've just learned to love myself and change what I can. IE like being fitter, changing my hair etc

    • That's an awesome way to look at it, and I totally understand it. For example, I hate my talking voice but so many people love it for some reason.

    • Thanks ❀️

  • Frecklessssss! Maybe green eye's, but definitely freckle's they are just so cute to me! Every time I see someone with freck's I wanna nibble on their faceπŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    • Freckles are cute! Its so rare that people with freckles have any real acne too so I'm sooo envious. They look so cute especially paired with green eyes!

    • YesssssπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Most people in my fam have them, but me I have like a few super tiny one's on my face. You can't see unless you're really uncomfortably close to me lol. So I'm jelly af! @Falling4UTC

  • I'd drop 5-10 lbs. & I wish my face would clear up more. Other than that, I'm happy.