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And another thing does this pull any heart strings?


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  • It pulls at heart strings because the clown is so innocent looking. And we know from the beginning the peanut man was benefiting from the clown and pimping him out to seedy people. Also, the music is sad and it's set in black and white. Everything helps add to the sadness of the cyanide and happiness short.
    We have a glimmer of hope, at least I did, when I saw that the clown was just doing what clowns do. But once the make up is removed, we see that the clown is a hurting person who is beat up physically and emotionally from the experience.

    I think this is a great, if not obvious, allegory to the sex slave/sex worker.

    • Same what i thought. There is always some pain under the surface for everyone.

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    • Cyanide & Happiness: Life and Reality
      It doesn't hide behind the false pretense of a cinderella story.

    • thanks for mhg mister

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  • im not sure about this one actually lol

  • yes it does pull my heat strings because there are people who are going threw it in real life