Guys, what type of girls do you like?

What girl do you like, descride the best personality of your dreamgirl.

  • Confident
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  • Shy
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  • Sweet
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  • Bitch
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  • Yandere (if you love her sweet, if you dont then she will kill everyone for you to do so)
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  • Myterious
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  • other-comment (i have no space left)
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I'm a Guy
I am a bubbly, sweet and confident thats what they call me,
I believe Im not the best, but I try:D
give every girl a chance!


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    Doesn't create drama.
    Doesn't react to drama.
    Doesn't change her mind frequently.
    Isn't impulsive.

    Basically, a female that you can count on and make plans with. This was your future is more predictable and safe.

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    • Who is that?

      Keep in mind, what I wrote is what men like once they reach a certain age. That's the age when they've been burned in relationships, understand the real adult world more (and that it's not black and white), and human nature especially that people are fallible and sometimes a bit selfish or childish. Young guys can not understand or appreciate what I wrote very well because they don't have the negative experiences to back it up. So, instead, they go for excitement and beauty.

    • I noticed that too well. I hate being mature.
      Its very interesting... how peapole change from loud little boys to almost silent old men...
      Its just wow.

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