Why are boys more shy around girls they like?

is it just me or do they seem more comfortable around the girls they dont like? for example, they seem to actually talk to girls they aren't interested in whereas they just look/stare at the girls they crush on. which is really stupid considering there's no point in flirting or talking to girls they aren't even interested in, right? why are guys like this?


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  • Why do girls do the same thing? Look, I'm not some conceited jerk that's completely full of himself, but I can almost predict a girl's behavior based on her likelihood of finding me attractive.

    She may glance from a distance, then proceed to look everywhere except in my direction. She will talk to a squirrel or a bum on the sidewalk before saying "hello" to me.

    Out of all the sentient beings within her vicinity, I'm the least important, according to her behavior.

    And we have never even met before. We don't know eachother.

    Explain that, and you'll have some understanding as to why these guys do what they do.

    • She doesn like you

    • You don't quite get it. But hey, you asked this question.

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  • They're nervous and don't want to make themselves look stupid.


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  • Because they don't want to screw it up with the girls they're interested in. They don't care about screwing up with the girls they're not interested in so they can speak more easily. Girls do the same behaviour where they freeze in front of their crushes.

  • 1. Because you don't want to be called a creep
    2. Nervousness

    • Why do they talk to other girls though? Why aren't they scared those girls will think they're creepy?

    • He's not attracted to them. So if they think he's creep, it's fine to him. Secondly , it likely they know him, so if he does something "creepy", he can amendment the friendship later.
      However , with a crush , especially if that crush is a stranger it first impression sink or swim. He also doesn't what to stare at her too much and make her unconformable of that creep status will isolate him for getting in any relationship with a girl.

  • They don't wanna mess up, do or say something that might turn you off so they try & play it cool


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