Probably the wrong site for this but is anyone good at physics?

I am so stuck on this question can anyone help? It's about rotational motion.
Probably the wrong site for this but is anyone good at physics?Ignore what I've written it's not right. There are some equations on the card that might be useful. I know that the answer is 4.4x10^-9 but I don't know how to get there... I think I need to convert light years into something? Ugh I don't know AP physics sucks.

Any help would be really appreciated :)


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  • I never took physics, but it seems pretty simple.

    You need to get everything into a common measure. I mean you have things measured in LYs and other stuff measured in m/s.

    The first thing I see is that the sun is travelling at 2.5 X* 10^5 m/s (please check this b/c scientific notation is 30 years ago for me.)

    So, the the sun is travelling at (2.5 * 10^5)/(3.0 * 10^8) m/s OR 2.5/3 X 10^3 m/s AS A FRACTION OF LIGHT SPEED
    Now it is embedded in a circle with a radius of 3 * 10^4 LY.
    2 Pi * r gives us (please check the formula for the diameter of a circle, again 30 years ago for me)

    2 * Pi * (3 * 10^4) = 188495.559215 LY (depending on your definition of Pi = 3.14?)

    so the Milky Way *At the point in which the Sun is embedded* has a diameter of 188495.56 LY
    The Sun is travelling at 2.5/3^10^4 (OR ) 0.00083 c * 60 * 60 * 24 * 365.25)
    EQUALS 788624424000 meters per year

    so the sun travels 0.00083 light years per year

  • That's like gravity n shit right?

  • I am good at physics but I barely cab see anything from this pic

  • Yes, Albert Einstein is...


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