Can squatting turn a small/flat butt into a descent one?

  • No. You're doomed, you need surgery!
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  • yes it can. Your buttocks are the biggest muscle in your body. So if you train it enough it can get a lot stronger and thereby bigger.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes. I've been doing squats and different butt exercises for about two years and I have a nice butt now. I used to be completely flat but not anymore.

    • Thanks for answering! How long did it take you to see results :) ?

    • I'd say about a half year just to be completely sure. The results of course made me more motivated so I continued and now its been almost two years and the result is very clear at this point!

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  • Yeah but don't, small butts are more attractive

    • I don't think that most guys agree with you :p

    • Depends where you live. In most the world small butts are considered attractive, but in america thanks to the media big butts are

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