Is it normal to almost have no empathy or symphaty for other people?

Sometimes im worried about how little empathy or even sympathy I have fot other people. I honestly scare myself sometimes, in situations where I have used guys to get stuff I get all these reactions from other people, and I know its bad and that I should feel bad, but I never do... I only pretend to do so because I know people expect me to feel bad. In addition im actually very selfish.. or Sometimes, not always, but quite often.. i have no idea why I am like this.


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  • Congratulations you are highly likely a psychopath you would do good if you got into politics

    • Im not for sure I love and care for my family, I gave feelings you know

    • Have*

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  • One day, something's gonna hurt you real bad. Then you will see a glimpse of how other people feel. I know a guy who is like you, he said some fckd up things about me without a reason, hurt me pretty badly. When I confronted him he was nonchalant about it and appologized to get me of his back. Point is, one day you're gonna hit a wall and you'll see why you should''ve felt bad. Maybe understand the hurt people sometimes go through cause of your actions.

    So no I think it's not normal, but then again it ain't rare. Humans can be super selfish.

    • I have gotten hurt before and I probarly will again, and Those guys where random guys, not men im actually dating.. I have never used guys who I date or want to date.. I would never said a lot of shot to people, i dont go out of my way to do so. I gave morals and I behave "normal", but I dont feel bad in a situation where most people might feel bad

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    • Or maybe you're not that emotionally attached to humans. Just guesses here based on what you wrote. If you want a realistic view on if this is normal or what it is, go see a doctor/psychologist. But I don't know if it's that bad really , you can decide that for yourself.

      Anyway, good luck! and stay safe.

    • Never once in my life did i regret not having any empathy for humans...
      To me humans are nothing but wasteful trash, you can slaughter a 1000 newborn babies in front of me and i wouldn't care 1 single bit about any of their lives. I simply do not see a reason why I should care or why anyone should care about me, that is simply my way of life and i do not want to change it.

      I've hit tons of walls and still doesn't effect me in anyway possible. You are trying to say people without empathy should feel ashamed of something they don't have... I would say you are the selfish one here, demanding something from someone who doesn't have it.

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  • Lack of empathy is often associated with sociopathy/psychopathy. Although these personality disorders get a bad rep, they're relatively common as 4% of the population has one of these. It's possible to be a fully-functioning human being in society and have one of these personality disorders. However, seeing as you seem concerned with the amount of empathy you don't have, you may just not be a particularly emotional person

    • Well I am, Just not towards people Who aren't in my family..

  • something will happen in your life that will cause you to humble yourself. And to not hurt and use people. One of these (acceptance and admittance) are the first step

    • I dont like hurtig people I Just rarely care if I do.. and I have stoped using people

    • God forbid, but one day you will get hurt and bad and we will see how much you will care then

    • I have gotten hurt before, it Just made me more cynical or than anything