In the U. S., can people change money for smaller bills at banks?

GaGers living in the US, I'd really appreciate it if you can answer it. This is the situation, I walk into a bank with a benjamin, and ask the cashier to give me twenty of $5 bills. Is this transaction doable? In Turkey, banks don't do this anymore. They used to, but not anymore. How about in the US?


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  • Dude, just go somewhere where there's a surplus inflow of $1's and $5's as part of the natural course of business, and change it there.

    Like, say, a bar. Most bars are totally flush with small bills, from all the tips.

    Or, if you're in a city, any valet parking guy. Those guys walk around with easily $500 in their pocket in fives and tens.

    Why do you want so many small bills?

    • I'm not actually after small bills specifically, I'm after old bills. Say, Series 1969 or earlier. So, I wanted to know if I could find some at a bank.

      And, since I use cash most of the time, I need small bills every now and then. You know, to tip the bartender lol.

    • Banks are probably the LEAST likely place to have that. Whenever I've gotten cash at a bank, it's almost always been crisp, uncirculated, brand-new bills, that I spend the next five minutes smelling. (:

      I mean, that's the point of currency and banks, among other things -- the banks are supposed to remove the older tender from circulation.

    • I know, I know... Still, I don't wanna pay $7 for a $5 bill at an antique shop or wait for some old bill to find its way to me eventually.

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  • Yeah, depending on which bank (brand) you go to. Sometimes it depends on the branch/worker, or you may need an account with the bank.

    • Which brands don't do it, then?

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    • LOL oops sorry just saw your second comment

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