Does anyone else find that extroverts are better listeners in lengthy conversations?

I know the stereotypes are "extroverts are better talkers, introverts are better listeners" but has anyone noticed a trend, in your own experiences, that the opposite is often true?

I love to talk, and I find that when I'm venting or expressing a series of things related to family, work, etc. my friends who are very introverted are not as good at listening and interacting. I think it probably has to do with the self-centered nature of being an introvert, and losing energy vs gaining, when interacting with people. I'm sure it also depends on the person, as not all introverts are the same.

I'll notice that through my venting, some introverts seem lost, impatient, not completely focused on what I'm saying, and may even find ways to cut me off or end the conversation, whereas extroverts tend to be more engaged, ask questions about how I feel about something, get deeper into what I'm saying.

won't lie, its annoying, as I am always accomodating and patient when they need to vent. I dont seem to get the same courtesy in return though. :/


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  • Probably depends on yr own style.

    I'm gna assume you don't mind interjections into the conversation, as long as they are on topic. And that you can roll with changes of topic/course, if the "venting" doesn't head exactly where you were taking it.

    If those are true, then, yeah! Bc people like me will so totes hear you out and talk through stuff for hours. It's like hair-salon talk. Hours and hours and hours.

    For people who like to vent more in the style of an impassioned monologue, an introverted "audience" is better, since that kind of person would be frustrated by interjections -- even helpful, on-topic ones.